A cookbook, really?

Tips, tricks, techniques and anti-techniques (*) to make relationships, all sort of relationships, fun, and work.

The idea is to collect, and share, what are the issues, and what we found out that could work. Or that, against all expectation, doesn’t work.

Because, Hollywood notwithstanding, relationships are a lot of work. Totally, immensely worth it: but hard work.

And sometime it helps sharing with other people struggling in the same way, or, even better, with people that found a way to make it easier, or nicer, or better for them.
And as with food and recipes: there is no single right way. There are many ways.
But there ARE some surefire ways to ruin a meal, and some ways are better than others.

We’re meeting in Berlin every couple of weeks, or so.

You can find us on Facebook, or get in touch at info@relationship-cookbook.com

(*) known as anti-pattern in engineering, is something that is sure to fail. They are good to know, and I admit I collected a few in my, how to call them, prototypical relationship attempts…