Past and possible topics

I keep a list of (possible) topics for relationship cookbooks, and realized I could just as well keep it here.

NB: there are some repetition for now

Relationship related:

Already happened (it doesn’t mean we won’t do it again)

spacetime: together/separate/long distance and all that: FB event, post

touch & politics: Relationship Cookbook Xplore edition: event, post

summer & festival season: FB event, post

trust & safety: FB event, post

compulsory compersion? FB event, post

commitments: FB event, post

consent and agreements: FB event,

family and friends: FB event, post

navigating NRE: FB event, post

open relationship cookbook: FB event, post

community: FB event, post

(un)common grounds: FB event, post

ricettario per le relazioni (aperte), our first event ever: FB event, post

Future possibilities

stakeholders in relationships

relationship with yourself

traumas and triggers

rules & agreements

(un) natural (?) hyerarchies

rules, agreements, freedom

long term

fighting fair

changes: breaking up, escalating, tranforming

dating parents

being parents

getting close: first dates, activities, questions, NRE

“it used to be a problem until…”

sex and spirituality

differences: libido, involvement, age, desires…

exploration vs. exploitation

drama & attitudes to drama

black, white, shades of grey

“so long, and thank you for…”: breaking up (or not), taking breaks

“you don’t support me when I have a problem/you try to control me with your problems”

“I cannot like someone that likes someone like me”

working with kinks/having kinks/sharing/communicating/discovering


the art of breaking up

kinks and life

“houserules”: my/our rules for life/relationships/everything

being in a relationship: for couples (triads, polycules), not for bickering

Conversations down there

This was the “let’s talk about sex” evolution of the cookbook

conversations down there, general: FB event

ejaculation: male, female, exploring, extending, avoiding…

initiating sex

the bureau of sexual fantasies fulfilment

Not specifically about relationships

dharma cookbook: techniques exchange and chat. FB event

insomniacs’ toolbox: FB event

psychonaut toolbox #1: Fb event

how not to kill plants

shibari and ropes and…

investing and finances

body: health, sanity, …